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To assure our customers of quality machining and/or production parts, we have a gage inspection and calibration system which is based on the usage frequency. Proper records are stored by computer. Hardness testers, gage blocks, etc. are inspected and certified semi-annually or annually.

We have a Preventive Maintenance Program pertaining to all tryout presses with critical systems being prioritized based on frequency. This is a function of in-house maintenance personnel.

All forklift trucks in all of the Superior Die, Tool & Machine company facilities are on a P.M. program and performed by a reputable outside source. Minor daily inspections are done by in-house personnel.

All overhead cranes and gantry cranes are inspected and certified quarterly by an outside source and certifications kept on file.

All boring mills, CNC machines and CNC milling centers are inspected and calibrated annually by a reputable source and certifications are kept on file.

All scales are inspected and calibrated by a certified company and certifications kept on file.

Tonnage monitors are installed on presses and are being inspected and calibrated by in houes personnel and certifications are kept on file.

Tonnage monitors on all other metal stamping presses are being inspected and calibrated semi-annually by in-house maintenance personnel with a certified source inspecting and calibrating the instrument annually.

Air compressors and dryers are inspected and serviced every 1,000 hours by an outside source.