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Die Tool Repair & Modification

From the production floor to the front office, Tier 1 automotive suppliers rely on Superior Die, Tool & Machine to keep their metal stamping dies in optimal condition. We're renowned for turning around repairs or providing solutions within days of trial completion and quotation submission.

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Die Tool Repair

Common tool and die repair services include: 

  • Blank Reduction
  • Hole Changes
  • Die Engineering Changes

Superior has become a trusted provider of die repairs and modification solutions by offering elevated value and quality while minimizing lead times – no matter how bad the tooling looks. We have opened our facility on holidays and worked 12-hour shifts to repair a badly crashed tool. 

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What to Expect from Our Team

Here's an example of what you can expect from our team: A tool came in on a Friday, and the customer was making parts on Monday in their facility.

Customers can count Superior for 24/7 personalized service. Our reputation is built on turning things around in short order to get customers’ lines back up and running. We're dedicated to providing stellar support, no matter the situation.

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Superior offers emergency die repair.

This die was broken in half, 72 hours later we had it running at our customers plant.

Emergency Die Repair

No die repair job is beyond our scope. We've repaired tooling that had been completely broken in half. Tie bars were used to bolt the tool and shoe back together. 

With an in-house CAD department and extensive CNC machining capabilities, we can work together to make new steels from data or reassemble broken and damaged ones. What's more, we can scan them, create data, and kickstart machining. 

There's no mincing words. At Superior, we pride ourselves in putting Humpty Dumpty back together – whether it's a damaged die shoe or just a die section.

We're happy to perform custom setups to run parts for customers. Our team has taken draw tools that run on air and converted them to run on nitro and vice-a-versa. Parallels can be added to get internal scrap out of tooling, enabling them to run faster and creating common shut heights. We can double and triple set tools to get them all in one press.

At Superior, our goal is to do whatever it takes to get your production lines moving. Out of the dozen tool makers at our Fairwood facility, eight of them have journeyman cards.

Contact us to learn more about die preventative maintenance.

Another example of our capabilities:

A customer sent to us a die that was broken in half over the July 4 holiday. They needed the die back to make parts Monday, July 6.

Our team worked over the weekend to get the job done. The die was machined and repaired, while posts were made to bolt the tooling back together. The die was shipped back to the customer Sunday, July 5. All work was performed in-house.

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Emergency Die Repair Service

  1. Personalized 24/7 service
  2. Trucking to and from your facility, if needed.
  3. We have the resources to weld, braze,scan, model, and machine your die components and shoes in house.
  4. We stock many different types and sizes of tool steel, omitting the need to order and wait for steel to come in. We also stock some plate stock in case a sub plate may need to be inserted in the damaged area to make the repair.
  5. We can make a run on the damage tooling to prove it’s capable, if necessary, or to get parts off the tools if timing is tight.
  6. We have the resources to improve the part quality while the tool is repaired, if needed.
  7. Years of experience repairing many different kinds and types of tools. 
  8. We can handle large tooling up to 50,000 pounds.
  9. We can set tooling in our presses to prove the repair is solid and part quality is in spec.
  10. If we have to make a temporary repair to get the tool up and running due to timing, we can bring it back in and make a more permanent repair for the customer at a later date.
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