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The Superior Die, Tool and Machine Company

We have been in the business of exceeding our customers’ needs in Ohio since 1913.

It is the policy of The Superior Die, Tool and Machine Company to produce products that will competitively meet the customer’s quality requirements. We recognize the customer is a valuable and integral part of our organization.


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Superior prides itself with its ability to react quickly to our customers’ needs, while delivering a quality part, on-time at an economical price. Our production scheduling department will work with your releases to make sure your parts are delivered on-time every time.



We are capable of providing solutions to all of your machining projects; our technicians can prescribe reaction plans to any issues that may arise during the machining process. Superior has extensive machining knowledge of the automotive stamping and energy industry related components.



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We guide our customers through their die project and supply them with a finished product that exceeds their expectations.



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Into the future…


These robots will help us become more competitive in the manufacturing industry by allowing us to cut overhead costs associated with high capacity manufacturing jobs.

The R-1000iA is a compact and high-speed robot with a wrist capacity of 80kg and 100kg. A compact mechanical unit combined with outstanding motion performance make this robot ideal for material handling or spot welding processes. A narrow footprint allows more robots to fit into a work cell, helping save valuable floor space.

Three models are available to meet a variety of applications:

The R-1000iA 80F/100F has a large operating space (including its rear and downward side) due to a serial link configuration.  This robot can be installed upside down.  A slim profile, high speed approach and fast short pitch motion combine for reduced process time.

The R-1000iA/80H is a 5 axis variant that produces faster transfer speed in a compact unit. A slim design allows for easy access to adjacent robots, fixtures and work pieces.  The R-1000 can be floor or invert mounted.

The latest intelligent features with iRVision and force sensing are available, as well as a range of other features with the R-30iB controller.

The FANUC R-2000iC robot is a multi-purpose intelligent robot based on FANUC’s years of experience and renowned technology.  This high performance intelligent robot with outstanding reliability and cost performance will support your needs in a wide range of applications, such as spot welding, material handling and assembly.

  • Size and weight reduction of the mechanical unit for a more lightweight and compact robot.
  • A lightweight, rigid arm combined with the world’s most advanced motion control technology offers significantly improved motion performance, and higher productivity.
  • Extensive options are available for various processes, including the spot welding solution arm.
  • The new R-30iB robot controller provides an energy regeneration option and a compact cabinet.
  • Available with the most advanced intelligent  features such as the Learning Robot, Bin Picking, Force Sensing, iRVision and Visual Line Tracking.