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Superior Machining Services



We are capable of providing solutions to all of your machining projects; our technicians can prescribe reaction plans to any issues that may arise during the machining process.

Superior has extensive machining knowledge of the automotive stamping and energy industry related components.

Our 24/7 welding and machining service can support all your equipment repairs needs, and help reduce your equipment downtime.

Our Machining Services

Superior’s location allows us to service customers in the mid-west quickly while delivering an economical service.


Superior takes rough castings to finished dies for all industries.

Die Components

We can machine components in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Die Plates

We machine bolsters for presses to support large dies.

Shafts (Lathe Capabilities)

We manufacture and repair shafts of all sizes for many industries.


Industries Served

Our CNC process starts out by receiving data from our customer, and in house tool path programming is then completed with our Unigraphics CAD system. Job planning and process sheets are then generated to streamline the job, and sent to our machinists on the floor. The machinist inspects and records actual data to verify the attributes are in tolerance. After the part has been completed it will then undergo an additional layer of quality checks to ensure acceptable part quality.


We provide 24 hour Emergency machining for all our customers.


Superior works with industry leaders in the energy field.

Heavy Equipment

We’re milling parts for the largest earth-movers and heavy machinery manufacturers.

Equipment Repairs

Our 24/7 welding and machining service can support your equipment repairs, and help reduce downtime.