We make parts for the American working man, because that’s who we are, and that’s who we care about.

Superior Die Tool Stamping



Superior prides itself with its ability to react quickly to our customers’ needs, while delivering a quality part, on-time at an economical price.

Our production scheduling department will work with your releases to make sure your parts are delivered on-time every time.

We have an equipment preventive maintenance program pertaining to all presses with critical systems being prioritized based on frequency. Parallelism checks and tonnage monitors are a focal point of our maintenance process; these systems support improved production part dimensional stability.

Industries Served

Superior has capabilities in the areas of Automotive, Heavy and Medium Duty Trucks, Appliance, Agriculture, Lawn & Garden, and Military, that makes us a valuable asset for emergency off-load and long-term stamping work.


We provide 24 hour Emergency Assist for long-term & short-term stampings for all our OEM customers.

Heavy Truck

We can handle a wide range and variety of stampings for all makes of heavy vehicles.


Stampings from lawn mowers to riding mower decks, from seats to fenders.


We stamp the body panels for washers, dryers, and stove tops for leading manufacturers.

Superior’s core stamping skill sets consist of:

  • Long-term high volume transfer die stampings
  • Emergency assists (Short term) for capacity and press problems
  • Coil fed blanking and progressive stamped parts
  • Factory assists for model change and capacity
  • Problematic jobs – Repairing/Improving dies while running production