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Manufacturing Production & Stamping Support for Large Parts

If you have a major planned press outage or you need overflow tool & die stamping support for large parts to help level out the operation schedule, factory assist for stamping from Superior is just what you need. With years of experience and dedication to service, quality, and dependability, we can help you reach your goals.

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Factory assist press lines.

Get the job done on time, every time.

Whether you require assistance for one week or several months, we have the equipment and personnel needed to get the job done on time, every time. Our facilities have multiple press lines with large bed sizes, enabling us to accommodate large die sets with many operations under one ram with two to five press lineups.

Our emergency factory assist services have produced larger structural parts for Automotive, Appliance, Lawn & Garden, and other markets. With Superior in your corner, you will have a trusted manufacturing partner on call whenever you're in need of outsourced metal stamping production.

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Emergency Factory Assist

When our customers need that rapid response, they know that can trust Superior to get the job done with what they need, when they need it. With our emergency factory assist capabilities, typically, we can turn your dies and material around in 36 hours from receipt. With 2 shifts and 2 facilities, we can accommodate almost every requirement, large or small, 24/7 when you need it. Talk to one of our Superior Representatives to find out if we can be your die & stamping ER department when you need one.

To ensure that your requirements are processed effectively and efficiently, we have embedded our factory assist for stamping process in our work instructions tied to our ISO document as time is your most valuable resource when your press is down.

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Superior's Emergency Assist - When You Need a Partner

Total time to your parts to arrive 27 to 112 hours, of 5 days total start to finish

Obtaining information on what you need and when

Superior determines how your parts can be run at our facility

Your dies, raw material, containers, quality fixtures, operations samples for quality assurance and inspection sheet to transit to Superior.  You can trust us for outsourced metal stamping production!

Die, Raw Material, process layout are set in press line and 30 piece run is completed to ensure all quality feature are compliant with Operational samples sent

Initial production run is started and 1st shipment of your parts are inspected and packed in your containers

Parts arrive as your plant is ready for production

Emergency Assist Timeline

Task #1: Receive Customer Die/Process information.

Purpose: To obtain customer information listed below either on the attached form or in customer’s in-house format. 

  • Part name and number
  • Die Lineup and Shut Heights
  • All die dimensions
  • Special die functions, delays, changeover, pierce nut
  • Air pin patten, size and above bolster
  • Material specifications
  • Tonnage requirements
  • Number of dies
  • Immediate pieces required with drop dead date
  • Length of assist time
  • Weekly volume
  • Lube information
  • Inspection criteria
  • Die weights
  • Quality / Product contact phone # / email
  • Tooling contact phone # / email
  • Material contact phone # / email
  • Packaging and container information
  • Ship to Location
  • Inspection history or run studies, etc.
  • GD&T, Material tolerances
  • Tooling spare parts (perishables)
  • Fixture operating procedures (Roadmap)
  • Sample parts
  • Operational panels (if available)
  • Math data
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Task #2: Feasibility 

Purpose: Determine Feasibility of Assistance

When information has been received, SDT will evaluate and determine if SDT is capable of assisting in production. If yes, the tools and all necessary peripherals will be transported to Superior’s facility by our customers.

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Task #3: Items to be Transported:

Purpose: To obtain all items needed for production.   

  • Dies
  • Packing racks / Shipping rack or container
  • Material
  • Spare sections / punches / buttons (if available)
  • Checking fixtures
  • Special bullrings, risers, plates necessary for production
  • Current operational panels or a boundary sample
  • Current inspection sheets with exceptions noted or inspection instructions
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Task #4: Setup

Purpose: Setup tools and produce first piece for production approval.

  • Set dies in their respective presses
  • Run (30) pieces to verify part to fixture or sample
  • Do dimensional layout on one part
  • Report layout findings to QA contact by fax / email.
  • Customer signs off on Part Submission Warrant
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Task #5: Production Starts

Purpose: Run initial part quantity, pack and ship to production facility- Run rates depend on process and complexity of operations by normally range between 150 to 250 pph.

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Milestone: Product arrives at customer plant

Ship first 500 to 1000 parts to customers plant. Depending upon the distance, 1st shipments often leave our plants within 48 to 72 hours

Contacts - Time Frame - Cell Phone

  • Josh Holstein - Engineering - 8:00am-8:00pm EST - 614-314-1589
  • Jim Middleton - Plant Manager  - 6:00am-5:00pm EST -  614-309-5823
  • Tony Stockton  - Plant Manager- 7:00am-5:00pm EST -  614-563-4892
  • Buddy Minnard - Prod Control - 7:00am-5:00pm EST - 614-560-6437
  • Joe Grande - Nights Manuf Mgr- 2:30pm-Midnight EST- 614-309-5619
  • Paul Hook - VP - 24 Hours - 614-395-9005
  • Michael Bonczak - Commercial - 24 Hours - 937-419-9062
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Short Runs

Superior has built our reputation on supporting our customer when they need help and need that service fast, we’re here to support your requirements. Whether it’s 1 run or 20, we’re here for you. We’re available throughout the day and into the night with responses typically within 8 hours of your emergency assist call. Most customer have parts on their way back to their plants in under 36 hours of receiving their dies and material. Superior, that’s the experience.

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